poem: Attributes of God

Attributes of God
By Blake Roberts

God’s love for us is amazing
and He longs to be our friend.
He will always be our anchor
On that we can depend.

He showers us with blessings
that come down from above.
We praise Him by confessing
His rich and boundless love.

Our God is pure and changeless,
eternal and the same.
His care for us is matchless.
Blessed be His holy name.

He is holy and divine.
His Spirit lives in me.
His unchanging love is mine.
I show it in words and deeds.

His name is exalted
over all the earth.
He created all
And gave all things birth.

God is our firm foundation.
A rock that never moves.
He deserves all adoration
His love for us He proves.

Give thanks to the Lord.
He leads where we should go.
God is our sword
that defends us from the foe.

His name is holy,
Trustworthy and true.
His Son came humbly
To show God loves you.

God’s love is infinite.
His mercy never wavers.
Though the world may doubt it,
God looks on us with favor.

He sent His son Jesus
to save the world from sin.
God wants to save us.
We need only let Him in.

Jesus is our king.
He reigns in heaven above.
He longs to supply everything,
including mercy, forgiveness and love.

God is our light,
Our fortress and our strength.
He shows us his might
by His endless depth and length.

God is powerful and majestic
And worthy of all praise.
Though this life at times seems hectic,
thank Him all your days.

God is always near
To anyone who calls.
He comes to bring us cheer
Whenever we may fall.

God is always open
to hear His children pray.
He knows when our hearts have spoken
and all the words we say.

Whenever God makes promises,
he keeps every one.
His greatest fulfilled promise
was sending us His son.

God speaks in the quiet,
Still small voice we know.
Please do not riot.
Our God loves us so.

Our God is radiant
with pure and holy light.
He is loving and patient.
He leads us through the night.

He is stupendous and superb,
always willing to give.
He provided us His Word
That we may learn to live.

God is timeless.
A thousand years like a day.
His love is matchless.
His truth will never sway.

God’s love is uncomprehendable
by any words of mine.
he inspires us and my heart is full.
by my love for the Divine.

God is victorious
Over the devil and his horde.
His name is glorious.
Oh, blessed be our sovereign Lord!

He is a bottomless well
Of water pure and sweet.
Invite the Lord to dwell
and He will lift the meek.

His sustaining love is excellent.
His mercies flow like rain.
His numerous blessings are sent
To strengthen us again.

Our God yearns to be with us.
He remains evermore.
All we need do is trust.
He is with us through the storms.

I look forward to Zion
where I will see my God.
The Lord is ever-shining,
my light and my rod.

3 thoughts on “poem: Attributes of God”

  1. Blake, this poem is awesome. Thanks for inviting me to read it. We do miss you in URCTC. Perhaps you will consider coming back soon.
    Much luv and blessings being sent to you.
    Your Sis In Christ,
    Bee Jay

  2. Hi, Blake. Thank you for sharing this poem. You celebrated God’s characteristics and brought Him glory and honor. Your poem is very thought provoking, and I enjoyed reading it. I hope you write more.
    In Him, Teresa

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