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Since webinars have been a consistent theme on my blog this year, some readers may have already figured out that I attend a lot of trainings. I place a high value on webinars because it is a great way to learn new things. Most recently, I attended a webinar on February 24, 2021,  presented by the

“Yes! to Employment”.

The focus was “Creative Options for Using Virtual Training to Spur Career Development”. In this blog post, I will share and reflect on what I learned.


There were several presenters. The first presenter focused on connection. Connecting through technology is important. This is particularly true in the current Covid reality.

Zoom video-conferencing

can be a useful connection tool. Another example of connection is virtual job shadowing and job fairs. It is also important to determine what a person is interested in doing as a career goal. Other topics were also discussed.


The second presenter discussed learning career skills. Two resources were provided by the presenter:




Volunteering may be easier for some people when done virtually. Virtual jobs and interview practice is also possible to do virtually. Shipping and banking jobs are currently a growing industry. There was one more presenter on the panel.


The final presenter spoke about education. Inclusive education means including people with disabilities. Internships provide opportunities for growth. The presenter, representing a university, stated that job development and training programs needed to change due to the pandemic. For example, communication is virtual instead of in-person. In addition, in-person locations need to be in a different space for distancing. It was also necessary to determine how students could learn job skills during the pandemic. The presenter agreed with the first presenter about importance of technology and connection. I will now reflect on the webinar.


I place a high value on knowledge because by learning new things, we can grow professionally and personally. Technology is one way to make such growth possible. For example, due to the pandemic I have attended more webinars in the past year compared to previous years. The primary reason I share what I learn about various webinars is so that other people can gain knowledge. Stay tuned for more!


Question for readers: What methods do you use to learn new things? I will return next week with another article.


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