TED Talks

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TED Talks is a resource for podcasts on a variety of subjects. According to

this page on the TED Talks web site,

the podcasts are available from a variety of sources. These include

an Android app on the Google play store,



Amazon’s Alexa.

For me, the most viable listening method is my Android smartphone, although I also have an Alexa. In this article, I will be listening to some TED talks and providing my observations.


I listened to three TED Talks for this article. The first one was

“My identity is a superpower — not an obstacle” by America Ferrera.

She spoke about her struggle to become an actress as a Latina-American. While listening, I identified two points she made which I consider equally relevant to the disability community. First, It is important to be authentic and not what society desires people to be. Second, in order for change to occur in the world, sometimes it is necessary for an individual to be an instrument of change through actions taken. I will now discuss the other TED Talks I recently heard.


The other two TED Talks I heard were equally inspiring. The second one was

“A global pandemic calls for global solutions” by Larry Brilliant.

This TED Talk was in the form of an interview and discussed responding to coronavirus. The points I took away can be relevant both during and after the current pandemic. First: effective response without giving into fear is crucial. Second, people should work together to resolve a problem, not separately. The final TED Talk I played was

“How to shift your mindset and choose your future” by Tom Rivett-Carnac.

He spoke about coronavirus, climate change and the impact individuals can have on the world. The first point which caught my attention was the fact that although humans cannot control everything, our actions result in impacts. Second, positive attitude and action can lead to a shared goal of success. I will now share my final thoughts regarding Ted Talks.


Although I am new to TED Talks, I am impressed by how easy they are to find and play. I found a common theme in all three talks: positive actions are much more beneficial than negative ones. I also noticed that the speakers were prepared, made points throughout their talks and summarized at the end. I might listen to additional TED talks in the future with the goal of being further inspired.


Question for readers: If you have listened to TED Talks, which ones have inspired you and why? I will return next week with another article.


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