Coronavirus Tips

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Since coronavirus remains of worldwide concern at present, my blog post today will focus on safety advice and remaining occupied at home. As a resident of the U.S. state of Delaware, a useful resource I value is

Delaware’s coronavirus web site.

It is important to consider how to remain safe in various settings. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has

coronavirus safety guidance for home, school and the workplace (downloadable PDF).

On an individual level,

another advice article from the CDC,

makes clear that staying at home is currently crucial. Prevention measures include social distancing and hand-washing.  I want to provide some additional safety tips.


The current pandemic can lead to uncertainty, but help exists for some situations. Since  inaccurate information is floating around the  Internet about coronavirus, it is worth pointing out the value of reliable information sources. For example, some news sites offer tips during this challenging time. A New York Times article

“Coronavirus Tips: Frequently Asked Questions and Advice”

provides links to advice on getting help paying bills or if someone you know becomes ill. The article provides answers to many other virus-related questions as well. My focus now shifts to remaining occupied at home.


Finding things to do at home day in and day out can be challenging. As an individual who remains employed, I find it beneficial to plan my work-week in advanceto some extent. To occupy my personal time, I find time passes more quickly if I read braille material, use Alexa or listen to an audiobook. I suggest that people who enjoy playing video games read this article from

The Washington Post: “The best games to play while waiting out the coronavirus”.

For people who prefer to watch YouTube videos frequently, I found a YouTube

video: “KEEPING BUSY INSIDE: Self Isolation Home Vlog”.

I encourage readers of my article to find ways to remain safe and spend time effectively.


Question for readers: What are you doing to remain occupied at home? Feel free to leave a reply. I will return next week with another article.


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