Who’s Who in Delaware: Todd Webb

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With this article, I am commencing a long-running series called Who’s Who in Delaware. My focus is on Delawareans with disabilities and those who provide services to them. This week, I am profiling Todd Webb. As of this writing, he works for the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT). His role is Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Title II Coordinator, a position dealing with accessibility of all modes of transportation in Delaware. I first met Todd a number of years ago at a public workshop on DelDOT’s self-assessment and transition plan for the public right-of-way and remain impressed by his enthusiasm and willingness to help people. In this article, I will explain some of the roles of an ADA Title II Coordinator for a state transportation agency as well as interesting facts about Todd.


Prior to his current position, Todd worked as an ADA Compliance Specialist in the Office of Civil Rights at DelDOT for four years providing technical support on accessibility standards to internal and external players. His interest stems from a desire to impact change. He has a Bachelor’s degree in elementary education and a background in elementary education as a Paraeducator; Todd values teaching. He has been DelDOT’s ADA Title II Coordinator since April 2017. In addition to the ADA Coordinator role at DelDOT, Todd is also the Business Liaison for Project SEARCH DelDOT. Project Search is a school to work transition program for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities between the ages of 18-21 and in their last year of eligibility for school. I will now explain some roles of a transportation ADA Title II Coordinator.


During my virtual interview with Todd on July 22, 2020, he outlined 12 responsibilities of his position. I will summarize them here. It is worth noting that a state ADA Coordinator for transportation has responsibilities pertaining to two federal laws. One is Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Other responsibilities pertain to Title II of the ADA, which covers state and local government’s programs, activities, and services, such as a state’s Department of Transportation. Some of his responsibilities follow.


  • Monitoring DelDOT’s current policies and practices for implementing ADA Title II / Section 504.
    • Identifying shortcomings in compliance and developing remedies.
    • Evaluating remedial steps taken to eliminate the effects of discrimination.
  • Monitoring complaint procedures that incorporate appropriate due process standards and providing for prompt and equitable resolutions of complaints filed under ADA Title II / Section 504.
  • Reviewing the use of established procedures to ensure that requested auxiliary aids are provided for persons with disabilities.
  • Monitoring DelDOT’s ADA Title II / Section 504 Transition Plan to ensure that all DelDOT facilities remain in compliance with applicable accessibility standards.
  • Conducting and documenting annual reviews of ADA Title II / Section 504 Transition Plan implementation progress.
  • Preparing a report of ADA Title II / Section 504 accomplishments and concerns for the FHWA Annual Assurance Report.
  • Collaborating and coordinating with the heads of major DelDOT divisions and other State agencies to enable ADA Title II / Section 504 compliance efforts.
  • Establishing and maintaining collaborative relationships with critical external stakeholders, such as disability advocacy groups and organizations.
  • Providing ADA Title II / Section 504 training programs for DelDOT staff and


  • Monitoring the preparation of ADA Title II / Section 504 information for dissemination to the general public, including the “Notice to the Public” offer to provide reasonable accommodation, upon request.
  • Identifying, investigating, and eliminating ADA Title II / Section 504 discrimination when found to exist.
  • Maintaining a “Request for Practical Exception”(RPE) waiver documentation process and record keeping system to manage technically infeasibility requests.
    • Reviewing requests for waivers on the grounds of technical infeasibility.
    • Updating and maintaining a database of approved RPE waivers.

Delaware Transit Corporation’s (DTC) ADA compliance as it relates to services provided to the community such as fixed route and paratransit is currently handled through the office of DTC’s ADA Compliance and Eligibility Manager. The ADA Compliance and Eligibility Manager coordinates with all sections of DTC, as well as with DelDOT’s ADA Title II Coordinator, as necessary to address issues.


There are some interesting facts about Todd himself which are also worth noting.


It became clear to me during my interview with Todd that it was conducted at the perfect time. Todd’s last day at DelDOT is July 31, 2020. He accepted a job with the

Federal Highway Administration in the Office of Civil Rights

at headquarters in Washington, D.C. as a Program Analyst providing ADA Title II guidance to state departments of transportation throughout the United States. Todd looks forward to making an impact on the national level. He will be performing that federal job remotely from Delaware until telecommuting options are available, as he has been doing for a few months for DelDOT due to Covid-19. Todd remains a member of the State Council for Persons with Disabilities (SCPD). He was recently re-elected to serve another two years as SCPD’s Chairperson. Todd stated that SCPD helps advocate for Delawareans with disabilities and focuses heavily on legislation and policies related to disability. Example: amending FOIA to allow virtual access to meetings. Todd also has a variety of hobbies. He enjoys snowmobiling in the winter, as well as hiking, mountain biking and spending time with his family. Todd is a landscaper and enjoys traveling. He values news stories about people with disabilities because disability services are one of his passions. He has experience interacting with and assisting the disability community on a personal level by helping family members with disabilities. In summary, Todd has an evident desire to make a positive impact in the lives of the disability community.


Question for readers: Who do you find inspiring and why? I will return next week with another article.

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