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I have focused over the past several weeks on skills such as





I consider it equally important to express appreciation when someone helps you out. Appreciation is something I have put a high value on for decades. It shows that it was worth the person’s time and effort to assist you. In this article, I will provide some ways appreciation can be expressed and useful resources on the subject.


One of the most beneficial ways to demonstrate appreciation is by expressing thanks. The expression can be verbal or in writing. I am so specific because some individuals with disabilities might only be able to express themselves through the written word. Writing may also be the only method of contact if you are not receiving socially distant in-person assistance. Example of written communication: I thanked an individual who develops an app on my smartphone which I find very beneficial. Alternatives to writing may be necessary in some situations. Example: You are at a restaurant and the waitress takes the time to explain today’s specials. Although thanks is the most obvious form of appreciation, there are other methods as well.


Ways to express appreciation can vary depending on the situation. Some ideas are included in

this article about appreciation.

Although the article is evidently intended for two people who are intimately involved, I consider some of the suggestions to be relevant for everyone in various environments. Those suggestions include paying attention, being reliable and smiling. The three appreciation methods mentioned above, along with thanks, can also be beneficial in a work-related environment. I will now provide additional appreciation resources.


As I stated above, appreciation is relevant in a variety of situations. For example, I suggest this

video: “Why We Need Appreciation (Not Just Recognition) at Work”.

The presenter points out that appreciation on-the-job acknowledges an employee’s value as a person. Example: telling the person he/she is important. The former athlete who spoke also points out that appreciation is about people. I also suggest the more concise

video: “Gratitude & Appreciation”.

The interviewees express that gratitude can increase productivity and decrease negative emotions. Whatever methods you choose to express appreciation, doing so might make someone’s day brighter!


Question for readers: If you have expressed appreciation, what methods did you use? I will return next week with another article.


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