2016 NCIL Conference Experiences

From July 24 to July 28, 2016, I attended the annual conference of the

National Council On Independent Living.

I attended representing the Delaware Statewide Independent Living Council. Some of the NCIL workshops were educational, particularly the ones about legislation, Centers For Independent Living and moving people from institutions into the community. My favorite event was the march on July 26 to Capitol Hill. We all chanted things like “What do we want? Equal access. When do we want it? Now!”, “We’re here. We’re loud. Disabled and proud!” and “Not nursing homes, our homes!” That afternoon I and the other Delawareans met with staff at the offices of my Congressional senators and representative. We discussed transportation, parking, employment and housing issues.


I do not agree with the method in which NCIL delivered some information. However, my conference attendance was primarily a positive and educational experience. I was able to network with a gentleman from Mississippi who helps train state agencies serving older blind people. He was truly a pleasure getting to know! I do not know if I will go to NCIL again next year. Whether I do or not, it was definitely worth my attending the conference this year.

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