Poem: Disability

Today I’m publishing a poem on my web site which I wrote in 2009. It’s about the value of people helping one another, including those of us who are differently abled. These days I prefer the term differently abled to describe disability.

By Blake Roberts

Some people can not see
the color of the sun.
Still others can not hear
the sound of a gun.

There are those who can not talk
and express ideas they find.
Some people can not walk
and others have problems in their mind.

If we look beyond the problem,
one thing holds true.
People with disabilities
are like me and you.

Although we are different
we can learn to live.
After learning different skills,
we can help others and give.

For, it is through giving
that satisfaction is found.
We should not give in to failure.
Let’s move to higher ground.

The next time you feel down,
remember this, it’s true.
When people help one another,
we no longer feel blue.

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